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Do you want to know a different world? to breathe under the water and to interact with the Sea life and  Aquatic plants that surrounds you? you will discover indescribable sensations. A fragile new world and a sport that you will love forever.

All the times that you have enjoyed the wonderful television documentaries that show you the beauties of the marine landscape? Surely on the beach during the summer, you have arrived with your mask and snorkel to explore around rocks, admiring the incredible variety of live forms that populate it.

The sea bed that we will take you to will show you an infinity of contrasts, colors that are changing and getting lost the deeper down you go, shoals of fish, an amazing aquatic plant life, the surface of the sea will be our ceiling, and the sea bed our soil.

We will lose the notion of the time thanks to the beauty of the environment, every minute will happen rapidly for the enjoyment that you will have every instant. You will discover sensations that you never imagined you would be able to feel.

To slip in the water coexisting with the sealife and aquatic plants that surround you, with the permanent supervision of a professional Diver, it will make you enjoy this new experience. You will have the sensation of “Zero Gravity” you will fly in a liquid environment in three dimensions.

If you are an experienced diver, with the nessesary license, and you want to certify some course  or speciality, we can arrange it, please consult us before.


  • Diving starts 8 am (according to the season).
  • The duration of the whole excursion is half a day.