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Do you like sport and  Mountain Biking? Do you love the freedom and the physical exercise?, The Sun? The tranquility that outdoor sport offers you? … Then we propose to prove our Mountain Bikeing, will strengthen your muscles, will burn your excess calories and will take your accumulated stress, it will liberate you.

The Andalusian countryside offers you the best environment and climate conditions to practise this sport and to realize the tourism at the same time; it allows us to enjoy beautiful landscapes from our BIKES. Get to know the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Go to see the waterfalls that run to the Sea. Take a relaxed ride along the different reservoirs in the countryside, and in one day you have become a Mountain Bike Tourist, from “Coast to Mountains”.

On these rides you will be able to make stops to observe the villages, taste the typical foods from each area take in the greatness of the Mediterranean diet, but also enjoy the tranquility and beauty around you.

All the trips are different and exciting, and will cross many zones that you can adapt to your tastes. It is not necessary to have a special training, only to have the desire to enjoy. You will be accompanied by a guide that will lead  you to know every point of interest for your enjoyment. Also your guide will make you aware of the safety first needed for you and your group to enjoy the trips.

You will not stop enjoying this activity, and the beautiful environment and unforgetable sensations.


  • Mountain biking rides start 8 am (according to the season).
  • The duration of the whole excursion is 2 to 3 hours approximately.
  • Followed by Typical Andaluz Lunch.