The amazing group “50th Birthday Trip” arrives at the destination with the desire to take a lunch before our last Adventure -White Water Rafting at Genil River-, so we go to a Typical Andalusian restaurant near to our adventure in the Cordoba Province, with its abundant portions and traditional flavors that surprise this fantastic group.

#From USA 2 La Costa del Sol with Spainventure

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After almost 1 hour of lunch the adventure calls us!! so we prepare ourselves to enjoy it from beginning to end, totally dedicated to fun and wishing to spend more time in a group in a completely different place from our offices, laboratories or who knows what.

With our safety equipment, the swimsuit and the water shoes we ride in the transport that will take us to the river to have a good time of adventures in the Cordoba Province enjoing a White Water Rafting at Genil River with this fantastic Group “50th Birthday Trip”.


After 15 minutes of travel we arrived at our destination and the beginning of the aquatic adventure. We unloaded the boat, paddles, and everything necessary to have a good time of fun and adventure among friends and we left it on the river bank to listen to the indications of our cheerful and competent Mrs. Stefi, a luxury instructor.

#From USA 2 La Costa del Sol with Spainventure

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This group of friends of the “50th Birthday Trip” had already had a previous experience practicing White Water Rafting so our instructor did not have to delve into details of the techniques, just a brief review of them and the water !!!.


We enjoyed our adventure in 2 stages, the first adaptation, to apply techniques and have fun jumping into the water, we feel frozen!! 16 º … but that was carried with the fantastic company of this amazing group “50th Birthday Trip”, who did not stop laughing at any time and make jokes between them.


spainventure-kayaking-at-mediterranean-sea-50th-birthday-one-destiny-fuengirola#From USA 2 La Costa del Sol with Spainventure

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To “break the ice”, never better said, I offered to show my courage by throwing myself in the water with my “ironing style …”, no comments… very funny but the water was like leaving the Antarctic … once my companions rescued me we continued towards the second part of the White Water Rafting at Genil River, a little more technical but never without laughing.


We tried a “caballito” encouraged by Mrs. Stefi but we could not do it because we did not coordinate to do it, we could not stop laughing, it was an amazing experience.

We had some great jumps in the adventure -White Water rafting at Genil River- of a medium level, but amazing to work as a team and show that you want to play with them, great strength and coordination in the strokes that we gave … a fabulous exercise for our body and fantastically coordinated by our instructor Mrs. Stefi.



#From USA 2 La Costa del Sol with Spainventure

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The environment that surrounded us was fantastic, mountain walls, a bridge almost 50 meters high, a Roman bridge, and a lot of vegetation, being able to see very close to the riverbed the mountain slopes planted with olive Trees up to where our view reached, a dreamlike landscape that only served as a companion to this excellent group of friends in their adventure.


There are anecdotes that stand out above others but in this adventure the jump to the water of Mr. S. has been by far the best, which way to have fun the group, trying to upload it to the boat with the security technique recommended in those cases and not being able to upload it again and again, leaving the vest and his sunglasses, the laughter of his companions impossible to make strength and upload it … it was a challenge of the most fun…


Arrived at the end of the journey of the White Water Rafting at Genil River we approach the shore and we congratulate everyone for having spent a hilarious adventure, which was not wasted.

spainventure-rafting-at-genil-river-50th-birthday-caballito-after-rapids-fuengirolaWe mounted on the transport to undertake the return to our meeting point to the rhythm of “50th Cent and its P.I.M.P.” after having loaded the boat and all the material we had used in the White Water rafting at Genil River activity and arrived at the changing rooms to change our clothes and start the return to our hotel in Fuengirola exhausted but happy. We said goodbye to our instructor and left.

After 45 minutes of travel we arrived at the hotel to prepare for the last dinner of this “50th Birthday Trip” in Fuengirola, but that is already another story …

Finish relating you this story, true and exciting and it generates a bit of sadness because this “50th Birthday Trip” is no longer in Fuengirola, because beyond having worked a lot, as I do with all our Adventurous groups, I felt a huge pleasure that they make me share their anecdotes, share every moment and those codes so typical of this group and that I managed to connect: Enjoy with them, see their faces of satisfaction, and of fatigue too, it has made me very happy.

I want to thank them for the opportunity that they have made me confirm the spirit www.spainventure.com “Adventure, Fun and Vertigo”.

Thanks a lot guys !!!!spainventure-rafting-at-genil-river-50th-birthday-caballito-jumping-fuengirola

The Team of www.spainventure.com

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