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The rafting is an activity of tourism adventure. In an Inflatble boat with great resistance to the blows, which follows down the rivers white water course. Useually the boats have a capacity of between 6 or 8 persons, with the guide who is the helmsman.

From the begining of time human beings have looked for a formula to dominate the environment. The tradition of getting down rivers with rapids is as old as the human beings, and they were the first inventors of the boats which were log rafts.

Bearing these historical questions in mind, in Spain from middle of the 80’s this type of activity has been intensified, and we offer you a chance to realize it in an environment of dream, giving your adrenaline to every instant and breaking its limits of emotion.

The Raft Ride on the Rio Guadalfeo, with the head of the river in the Sierra Nevada,  rafting starts near Órgiva, a beautiful “White village” of the Alpujarra Granadina, in this section of the river is 11 km approximately, it offers immeasurable environment,  incredible jumps in the boiling waters that transmit emotion and make you enjoy the rapids once onboard the raft directed by an expert guide in these white Waters.

The Rivers first section of initiation is ideal ráfting to get you adapted to the raft, and to learn how to paddle etc., once you pass this section the next sector will get the adrenaline going where the river becomes narrower at different points and transmits more sensations with drops of the 3rd and 4th degree. This decrease will allow you to enjoy the power of the waves, exciting water jumps in the rapids.

In general the activity is designed for a very agreeable decent adapted for all the Rafters.

You cannot stop realizing this activity, beautiful environment and innumerable sensations.


  • Excursion starts  11Hs. – 16Hs. (according to the season).
  • Time of decent of river: 1 Hour approximately.
  • Duration of the Activity: Between 3 and 4 Hours approximately.