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Do you like water sports?, do you love the freedom and the physical exercise the Sun and the tranquility that outdoor sport offers you? … then we propose that you try KAYAKING, you will strengthen your muscles, & burn extra calories and make yourself more stress free, it will liberate you.

To practise KAYAKING you do not need anything special, only the will to WIN.

This activity originated in the Arctic area,and evolved from Eskimo canoes, which was in use for the fishing and hunting back in antiquity over 4000 years, and evolving today, as the sport KAYAK. It allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes, explore coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, visiting coves, waterfalls of sweet water, difficult to access by any other means other than by KAYAK. Also you can enjoy a calm paddle along the different reservoirs of our community, in the traquill waters witnessing the changeing colours of the surrounding hills and mountains, where you can hear the “silence” of the landscape. Where the mountain peaks are occasionally adorned with a mantle of white snow in the winter season, but most of all you enjoy tranquility and beauty all around you.

The Kayaking is different and exciting as you will cross different areas that will adapt to your tastes, it is not necessary to have special training, only to have the desire to enjoy. You will be accompanied by a experianced leader that will point out everything of interest for your enjoyment. Also you will be briefed on the safety procedures for the enjoyment of the group trip.

You cannot stop realizing this activity, beautiful environment and innumerable sensations.


  • KAYAKING trip starts 8 am (according to the season).
  • The duration of the whole excursion is 2 to 3 hours approximately.