Today yes !!, SPAINVENTURE puts us to get up early, at 4:30 AM and we leave for the Granada Province to enjoy a new Adventure Tourism day, today we are going to Fly in Hot Air Balloon !!!, how much adrenaline and fun, we are anxious to reach destination and begin to enjoy… “Hot Air Ballon Flight at Granada”!!!

After almost 90 minutes we arrive at the destination, passing from the province of Malaga to Granada, seeing different villages at the side of the road, crossing a couple of rivers, and on arrival we receive the “Sierra Nevada”, which hallucinates mountain: A fantastic environment that will accompany us throughout the flight.

From the very beginning of the Hot Air Balloon assembly, the tests made by the pilots with small balloons inflated with helium to verify the air currents, the preparation of the “basket” that will transport us and the inflate of the “Hot Air Balloon”, who will be who will keep us suspended in the air during our trip, we live emotions that will explode once we start to ascend.

The setting of nature, the mountains in front of us, its snowy peaks, some dry river beds and small villages, standing out the church bell towers that are seen from high up, make this experience infinitely beautiful.

When flying at air speed you do not feel dizzy, just enjoy the peace and tranquility of the flying. Our pilot is both a guide, telling us details of the areas we fly over and some other history of Granada.

The landing on the Granada fields was fantastic, SPAINVENTURE has made this whole flight very enjoyable. Once the Hot Air Balloon is disarmed, we are going to take a “Andalusian Breakfast”, to tell us our experiencies and feelings about our Flying, and then “get in” the charming village that makes us host, knowing their costums of the interior of Granada.

We got on our exclusive transport and we go to will stroll walkthrough Granada. Strolling through the alleys of the city, smelling spices, admiring the fantastic cathedral of this magnificent city and seeing the Majestic Alhambra, the final destination of the adventure on the Albayzín Neighborhood at our third adventure day.

We leave the transport in the center of the city and we make a walk of about 15-20 minutes to climb to The “La Alhambra”, we cross the city and we acceded to The “La Alhambra” lockers, amazing & wonderful historic monument, after ascending by a beautiful footpath covered by immense trees that they did at once like a roof… a breathtaking setting.

The visit to The “La Alhambra” with an exclusive guide for our group was amazing, we could observe all the arabic gardens, the beautiful views of The “El Albayzín and Sacromonte Neighborhood”, the “El Mirador de San Nicolás” and finally the Nazaríes Palaces… what can i tell you about these palaces?, with their Lions, restoring during a lot a years, their beautiful Arabic architecture, amazing fountains beautifully decorated, the sound of water at every step, fascinating!!.

We descend by the same way where we came from to know this beauty of historical monument and we ride on the transport that leads back to the hotel. We had dinner early and strengthened for another day of adventure.

SPAINVENTURE is making us enjoy and feeling new adventure experiences like we never imagined.


Relive the adventure from its origins, take a look at Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

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