This SarS Cov-2 Covid-19 pandemic caused us to adopt – at least once in our lives – the society in general and in our heads in particular, abruptly and surprisingly in many cases, new ways of doing things in our lives, and It will even change the way we travel and behave as tourists.

… risk activities with emotion & adrenaline as protagonists…

al menos una vez en la vida bulls at least once in our lives

A trend that is advancing by leaps and bounds is that which is linked to risky activities, with emotion and adrenaline as the protagonists: Canyoning, Rafting, Hot Air Balloon Flight, Diving in the Mediterranean, Paragliding, Climbing, Quad & Safaris 4×4 trips, all of them included in Active Tourism. This type of Adventure Travel will grow at a very good rate this year, faster than other types of Tourism.

This kind of Adventure Trip are the ones that are commented among friends that “it should be done at least once in our lives”, Covid-19 has made us value our time and where we want to enjoy it, so the number of people will surely grow -families and groups friends- who will want to live one of these experiences and in this way get rid of the confinement(s).


Getting away from the daily routines in our house, which were increased by the confinement(s) of the pandemic, will surely create a trend in comfort to take a holidays, which gives a whole package prepared “Adventures + Accommodations + Transfers + Experiences”, that there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

This year will surely be a transition year, the desire to travel will progressively recover, surely by next 2022 it will begin to grow and return to the normal rhythm of travel, meanwhile the local destinations will be our goal: the duration of the trips will be equally affected, we will want to do more in less time.

… a whole package prepared “Adventures + Accommodations + Transfers + Experiences”, that you do not have to worry about absolutely anything…

We must be attentive to conjunctural changes, the evolution of the pandemic and, most importantly, verify if what we estimate with the behavior of the tourist is reflected in demonstrable realities.


As long as the Covid-19 continues among us, our Adventure Travel habits will last, they will not be lost, we should do it at least once in our lives, and I can affirm – a personal intuition – that it has arrived not to leave. During the interminable but very necessary confinement(s), we have had reflections that, in many cases, we want to put into practice:

  • Be connected with the natural.
  • Simpler and more comfortable experiences.
  • Prioritize health.
  • Enjoy and live experiences away from the city.
  • Enjoy it in the short term.

al menos una vez en la vida bulls at least once in our lives

These changes of habit and interests make the tourist look for an “all in one”, so Andalusia, by definition, is the place to get into action: Beach, Mountain, Adventure Tourism, Memorable Experiences, Gastronomy, Connectivity, etc. all prepared to achieve the well-being you deserve.


If you propose, we can be your tool to get what you want after confinement(s)!!, If you want to go from Adventure tourism & experiences to relaxation tourism on the same day, we are what you are looking for and we offer you the great option: you will visit authentic, natural and quiet places, but you will also experience adventure activities – full of adrenaline & fun – with less relaxation.

… we can be your tool to get what you want after confinement(s)!!

Spainventure bulls fight at Andalusia

You will enjoy all these activities & experiences in a more sustainable environment and in a biodiversity – at sea level and below – that will amaze you. You will find yourself swimming in the Mediterranean Sea on beaches with the “Q” for quality and blue flags that will offer you that tranquility that you expected.

We are your destiny, allow adventures, authentic & transformative experiences to embrace you and you can not stop enjoying.

Spainventure At least once in our lives Andalusia

Andalusia is a community that offers you a great variety of accesses -sea, land and air- with a net of airports, train terminals and highways that will bring you closer to all the destinations -of adventure and relaxation- that we will propose to you in a short period of time and that we must do it at least once in our lives: connectivity is everything.

Discover nature, adventure & an impressive diversity: We are your destination, allow adventures, authentic and transformative experiences to embrace you and you cannot stop enjoying.

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