Mr. Gijs and Ms. Sjeel, 2 adventurous who contacted Spainventure to delight a day of adventure, have enjoyed 2 amazing hours with a fantastic group of companions in the Rafting boat!!!.

Ready to have fun, to do something different in their holiday days in Fuengirola -Spain- we were called us to prepare a day that astonishes them, that breaks with the stress of their trip from Holland, that renews their energies to begin with a new year in their respective jobs, differents each one in an area that challenges them daily to be better… .

After the administrative procedures necessary to start this adventure of Rafting in the Genil River, we meet in the Port of Fuengirola a quiet Saturday morning, which curiously would become amazing during next 7 hours … emotion, fun and vertigo… pure adrenaline.

We collect punctually to our fantastic adventurous in the exclusive transport of Spainventure; on our route, way to our final destination, the adventurous will may see the intense yellow of the grasses of the mountains that surround us. Gijs and Sjeel will not fail to admire the “infinite” fields of Olive Trees, planted neatly everywhere around us, asks us about this fantastic tree and I tell them a little about the history of the olive tree and the peculiarities of it, which characterizes the fantastic Andalusia, to reach our final destination: “White Water Rafting at Genil River”.

Our adventurous, after a short but exciting journey in the exclusive transport of Spainventure, filling their retinas with different and fantastic images, different from Holland their country of birth, takes a coffee to start their Day of White Water Rafting at Genil River.

We began to prepare ourselves in our host’s dressing rooms and once ready, with our water-shoes, wetsuit, helmet and life jacket, we are transported in a minibus to the river to start getting wet and exercising !!!.

After the instructions of our monitor … boat to the water, paddle in the hands and go to enjoy the adventure!!!, we practice the movements in the boat, like to rescue a man in the water and fun!!!, we throw ourselves into the water, war between boats, water … lots of water, jokes and more jokes all the time…

But not everything is throwing water … we have also paddled like crazy!!, jumping from side to side in the boat, in an amazing white water river, that invite you to want more adventure. The coordination of the Group is fantastic, following the orders of the Instructor, we paddling a lot, we have fun and hallucinate whit the adventure

Activity crowned with the good roll of the group, all foreigners – our Dutch adventurous, a dad and his boy from Denmark, a couple from Australiaa fantastic Team. We end up having lunch typical Andalusian food in the Restaurant of the area, to go collecting anecdotes of the lived experience and recover forces !!!

We return home safely that these 7 hours, 2 adventurers, Water and Fun will remain in their memory forever as a different and Fantastic Adventure!!!!.

Spainventure has 2 new friends … Gijs and Sjeel … Thanks for having fun with us !!

Fotografías: Gentileza Saltaríos

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