You are thinking of making your Adventure Trip with Spainventure and you do not know how to prepare your suitcase for that Amazing experience in Spain: Do not worry, take note of these tips and tricks to make the suitcase as a true professional and Travel Calm and Light.

spainventure-adventure-trip-in-fuengirola-canyoning-in-spain 1. Prepare your list of needs

We begin with a fundamental step in the preparation of your suitcase, the so dreaded “List of Needs”, begins to point everything you need to take on this Adventure Trip. This option is much more practical than to be spinning like crazy looking and without Heading for at your house.

The ideal would be to prepare it several days in advance, so in this way, as a professional of packing, ready your list, and this can be polished to perfection, being able to remove things or add others that you consider more useful.

When you have already made your “perfect” list and you are sure of it … Hands On!

2. Choose the format for the Adventure

Once our preparation list is finished, the time to choose the format of our Suitcase begins. This will depend on the type of transportation, the area where we travel, the restrictions of the airlines, the temperature, etc. In our case, that we are going to make an “Adventure Trip” with Spainventure, we will not travel much or change our accommodation, the places of the adventures will be easily accessible, but we recommend you, since we will practice daily adventures (mountain, beach), it would be convenient for you to choose a small backpack for the daily activitie.

Do not forget to take into account the size. Depending on the time of year and the areas where you develop your adventures with Spainventure, the volume and type of clothing to be brought and used will vary. It is fundamental to find out the weight that your airline will support you, it charges you for billing, in order to accommodate the maximum authorized weight.

Spainventure-suitcases-adventure-trip adventure trip

3. Clothing “Aparejadita”

You already made your list of clothes for your Adventure Trip, now you have to reduce it by 40%: we verify what we really need and we discard the rest. The secret is to leave in your suitcase what you normally use … sure you take everything a little … for what? When you traveling, it is essential to always be comfortable, in the end you will enjoy your free time on vacation, do not do these experience in holidays time, leave it for your return.

Take advantage of the clothes you have chosen and start to “pair” it, to prepare sets: you will surely reduce the volume of your suitcase much more.

spainventure adventure trip with spainventure tetris in the suitcase
Keep in mind that laundromats will be found in every corner of the world. Combine, match, imagine sets of clothes with different combinations… reduce volume of your suitcase!!

4. The “Tetris” in your suitcase

… shoes in a bag (… my mother used to say…), jeans down, and the last secret to avoid wrinkles “wrap your clothes”…

This step of the “Tretis” is essential to demonstrate your ability as a suitcase preparer. You will have to put all the “heavy” clothes in the bottom, protect it from the blows to your suitcase, the shoes in your bags, all around and you will start to keep the rest of the wrap clothes, well ordered give your “Tetris” and you will see that it has practically not creased when you arrive at destination.

spainventure-the-adventurous-trying-to-close-the-suitcase-fuengirola-spain adventure trip

The backpack that you will take to enjoy your adventures can take it to the cabin and put inside it your Pc, some changes of clothes just in case the feared thing happens us, our suitcase dissapear!! … and of course … the “excess of clothes”  always taking weight limits in cabin.

spainventure-jump-to-the-adventure-fuengirola adventure trip

5. Travel with the must bulky Clothes

If the previous steps were not as effective as you would have liked, you see that your suitcase does not want to be closed … take on the most bulky clothe, whatever space occupies, release your Adventure Trip suitcase from that excess!!, your jacket , The bigger pants , the boots for your adventures, etc .: The jacket does not necessarily have to wear it, so you carry it in your hand will alleviate your space.

If you are one of those people who like to bring souvenirs, to buy things in their travels … leave a little space in the suitcase to fill it to your return with your memories …, there is nothing uglier than to your return to have be fighting with your suitcase to close, or even worse … have to leave something out and not bring it to your house !!

6. Electronic items

With legislation that changes almost daily, it is advisable to check before leaving for your destination, but generally we recommend you bring your electronic items in your Adventure Backpack, in the cabin of your transport.

Your PC, tablets, ebooks or cameras is paramount that the protect well in your backpack Adventure, protected from blows to prevent them arrive destroyed to destination. In the worst case you can not carry these artifacts in your backpack, it is advisable to store them in the center of the suitcase, protected by the sides, so in this way, if you had a blow on your suitcase, your clothes would cushion it, thus avoiding its possible rupture.

7. Do liquids leak?

Something that not all Adventurers know is that when you fly by plane the suitcases are subject to a major pressure change, the height generates that effect; Then to avoid it is “fantastic” effect and you end up with the suitcase full of soap, perfume, etc., you must protect all containers containing liquid, including “new” that you have not yet opened and you plan to do it in destination: put them in bags Closed and individually stored.

If you are going to take them in a cabin, keep in mind that air safety regulations only allow containers containing at most 100ml, and presented and stored in transparent bags, to expedite the time to carry out the security check.

8. Your passport and all the documentation always with you

spainventure-documentation-for-traveling-fuengirola-spain adventure trip

Keep in mind that to travel, whether in your country or abroad, you must always be accompanied by your documentation (Passport, D.N.I.), without it you will not be able to do anything. It is essential to protect it from the very beginning of the trip, taking it with you at all times, in your jacket for adventure or in your backpack, which you will carry as carry-on luggage. Another option can be a belt bag or a belt holder: this way you will be able to protect the documentation and the money of the possible robberies by thieves.

9. Do not “recharge”

Remember that all over the world there are Supermarkets, Pharmacies, clothing stores, etc., so do not burden yourself with unnecessary things that you can get occasionally in your Adventure destination. Things that may not be as important and probably do not use can take up space in your Adventurer’s suitcase.

10. Your “Safe” Adventurer’s Suitcase


When you arrive at your starting point there is the possibility of “wrap in a plastic packing” the Adventurer’s suitcase and “securing it” for an affordable amount, which will protect the loss, breakage, or other contingencies that may cause transportation.

In some airports in the world, by security measures, if your suitcase has a lock, they can not open it but they can cut your suitcase to make a review of what is inside.

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