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To fly in a hot air balloon is one of the sensations that probably could not be described, to float in freedom, indescribable, a SIMPLY EXCITING experience.

Re-lived through the sensations of Agustín de Betancourt and Molina, in the Year 1783 realized his first flight in Spain.

The wind leads your itinerary, pushing the balloon and its passengers to an indeterminate destination, the direction and speed are controlled by the “power of nature itself ”  but only the height can be controlled by the hot air & ballast, the immensity of the landscape is observed by a vision of 360 º. This experience will overcome you with total amazement.

In our tour you will be able to see the monumental city of Antequera in the heart of Andalusia, north of the province of Malaga, at 575 meters above sea level. The privileged geographical situation turns into one of the more accessible zones of flight in the region.

From the air we will be able to see the “Fertile plains of the Antequera area ” irrigated by the Rio Guadalhorce, with extensive cereal farming, with cultivated fields, and extensive areas of olive groves, splashed with traditional farmhouses and the distant views of farms & fields of Cordoba and Seville. And beyond the fertile plains, eastward a few small covered hills of olive groves can be viewed & discover later the “Rock of the Lovers”, the slender saw shaped peaks of a lovers own legend.

Another point that we will be able to observe will be the Natural Reservation of Fuente de Piedra. Where we will see the incomparable and immense Lagoon,that is the nesting area of migrating African Pink Flamingos, which in this season the wetland manages to shelter up to forty thousand of this single species.

Once we have finished the balloon flight & are back on land we will be able to visit t the Torcal Natural Park Reserve, fantastic formations of limestone, molded by the water & the weather over thousands of years(*).

You cannot stop admiring this beautiful part of Andalusia, and the amazing vistas from the hot air balloon flight.


  • Balloon flight starts 8 am (according to the season).
  • The duration of the whole excursion is 3 to 4 hours approximately.
  • Duration of Flight: 1 Hour approximately.
  • Followed by Typical Andaluz Breakfast, with presentation of Flight diploma.
  • Then by road to EL TORCAL Natural Park Reserve (*) OPTIONAL.