You do not have to wait for anybody to decide, what  you do on your vacations. You can travel and to meet new people on singles adventure holidays?.

In SPAINVENTURE you will find all kinds of adventures for you in which you can take part, or with friends. If you are a single or part of a singles group SPAINVENTURE is the ideal option for you to travel in a group. This year you will not travel alone.

We propose a trip of adventures with people who travel alone to discover new destinations, to meet new people. In those moments that you do not want or cannot share your vacations with the people know, living through moments of adrenaline,  vertigo and amusement, with only one intention, NOT TO TRAVEL ALONE.

In Spainventure you will find a wide range of possibilities so that you could plan your trip of adventures, always in limited groups, without hurry or burden, with  transfers and exclusive guide with everything well considered and organized in order that you don’t worry, and just enjoy your trip.

There exists the possibility of creating adventures that are not soley for singles, but in each of the adventures there are lots of people who travel without friends, just people who travel alone for their enjoyment in the same adventures.

Dare I join a trip organized for single, separated, divorces, singles with children, people with a desire of spending time in a group, or if you prefer you could share accomodation with a same sex single as an economic solution.

Entrust to us any of your worries or questions about your adventure trip, we will advise and guide you with any problems. So you just enjoy the whole adventure.

You want to travel accompanied but you do not know with whom? In SPAINVENTURE you will find the companion for your trip or to enjoy the activities, with offers to travel for long weekends.