The Hot Air Balloon Flight is a fantastic discipline to perform with the whole family, to live amazing sensations and see the world from another perspective.

Doing an exercise of “dream and let go”, we closed our eyes and imagined what the process of Flying would be like…

… feel detach from the ground and float, fly and drift…

… that’s when we generate some questions such as, will it get colder? Will I have vertigo ?, among many others

Spainventure Hot Air balloon Flight Vuelo en Globo placer y diversión


Why in the Hot Air Balloon Flight “We Will not Feel That Fear”?

Most people fear heights, it is a primary feeling of self-defense and survival.

Generally we begin to feel that sensation as we approach the basket of our Hot Air Ballon, but as soon as it begins to rise it dissipates.


At this point it is convenient to explain why you will NOT feel fear of Height you enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Flight: When you ride in the “Hot Air Balloon Basket” you have a feeling of “Distance” completely different to what you would experience if you look down from a cliff or from a tall building.

From a “High Structure”, if you stop and look out downward, your brain can “Measure” the height where you are and that the objects that you will be observing downwards become smaller and smaller, and in this way generates and process or effect a “Depth Vision” that gives us the feeling of “Vertical Distance” and that your brain starts to say “Wow! we are high better not to fall “.

The great difference and advantage offered by the Hot Air Balloon Flight begins once it takes off and the basket is separated from the ground … it begins to float in the air and having no “Structure” to measure and compare distance, your brain can only receive images, fantastic landscapes, very pleasant, without possibility or idea of ​​”How deep it is”.

Just enjoy the scenery and take lots of pictures to tell friends.


Why do not we get cold in a Hot Air Balloon Flight?

Many adventurers hesitate or simply do not want to perform this fantastic experience because they think they will be cold during the Flight.


I detail some reasons why you will NOT feel cold and enjoy this amazing experience:

1. Over our heads we have a burner that provides hot air to the balloon at a temperature of 100ºC, and at some point of the Hot Air Balloon Flight, that temperature must be increased, benefiting all passengers of that temperature increase.

2. The radiation of the sun on the Balloon, plus the remaining heat of the burner will “fall” on the passengers increasing the feeling of well-being.

3. The flights are usually made early in the morning, at that time the temperature of the earth is lower, much colder, than when ascending, at 50-100 meters approximately, you will feel a gradual increase of about 15º approximately; this is called “Temperature Inversion” and we will find it almost every morning.

4. We leave the most important reason for the end:

When you make a Hot Air Balloon Flight you are like a “Cloud”, you travel with the wind, at your speed and direction, without experiencing wind chill, even if you fly at 75Km/h you would not experience the breeze generated by that speed, you would be stopped in your basket, like behind a window, just dedicating yourself to enjoy this fantastic experience, observe the landscape and let yourself be carried away by that feeling of pleasure.


You already have excuses to encourage you to live this fantastic experience of Hot Air Balloon Flight in the South of Spain. Fulfill your dream of flying and unleash endless emotions.

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