It is time to think about the preparations for an Adventure Trip in Fuengirola combining several Activities!!, the season is ready to start and the adrenaline begins to circulate at full speed for the simple fact of imagining it.

When you are preparing your Adventure Trip in Fuengirola, one of the most important variables that you should not neglect, is the sanitary aspect and with this we not only refer to your Medical First Aid Kit.

We like to make an Adventure Trip in Fuengirola linked to nature as much as you, and that is reason why we want to give you a series of practical recommendations for a “sanitary organization” that will help you not to forget any of the most important aspects of your trip, because a slight virus, infection, wound or a small twist … can end in an instant with your adventure trip.

There are several variables that can surely influence health risks when making your Adventure Trip in Fuengirola, so you should do everything possible to minimize them to the maximum.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Health, the risks related to your Adventure Trip are several and we could divide them as follow items:

  • The kind of Transport.
  • Area of Develope of your Adventure.
  • Duration of the Trip and season of year in which it takes place.
  • Purpose of the Trip.
  • Type of accommodation, food hygiene and sanitation network.
  • Profile of the Traveler.
  • Previous health of the Traveler.


Since we will be enjoying an Adventure Trip in Fuengirola in contact with nature, and depending on the activity you do, we will also find a variety of factors that will surely influence the forecasts you should make, namely:


The increase in the Altitude causes the pressure to decrease, and with it the sensation of lack of oxygen. As you ascend you will begin to have that feeling of fatigue, avoid overexertion.

Starting at 1,500 meters, you will surely begin to feel the effects of altitude sickness, although up to 3,000 meters tolerance, in general, is usually acceptable.


High temperatures, as you well know, make you start losing a lot of fluids, so it’s very important:

  1. Drink enough water to counteract all this partial loss of fluids.
  2. The water must have enough minerals, otherwise you should add them.
  3. Be very careful with the water you drink as it is usually the main source of infections and diseases.


If our adventures are related to the mountains, or snow areas, it is important to bear in mind that:

  1. You should protect your skin with long garments to reduce the amount of radiation received directly on your skin.
  2. Use Sun Protection Creams superior to UV20.
  3. Protect your head with a hat or cap. Be especially careful with your eyes protecting them with specific snow or mountain glasses.


The low temperatures, very linked to the winter conditions of mountain sports, have their most dangerous point in freezing and hypothermia. It is essential to keep the body hydrated to delay or even prevent the appearance of frostbite or hypothermia. Never neglect the protection of the head and extremities to fight the cold.



The humidity attached to high temperatures will cause you to lose a lot of salts and liquids. That is why, as with heat, the contribution of liquids and minerals will be vital in your trip.


Unless your Adventure Trip in Spain will develope in the desert, the rain is be present for any type of trip. You should always wear a good garment to protect you from the rain, surely play a good role as Windbreaker or as a third layer of the “onion” that will serve to increase, or maintain, your body temperature.

The rain will surely cause your body to lose temperature and in this way you will significantly increase the risk of falling ill and have to abort your dreamed Adventure Trip in Fuengirola…


– Breathable jacket and pants from one of the multiple types of waterproof membranes –
– Replacement Footwear and Socks –

 Surely in the area that you develop your adventure trip you will find a combination of these factors and that, if you have planned correctly, you will have no problem to solve them…

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