Very recently I have lived one of the most exciting experiences of my life and it far exceeded my previous expectations.

I was preparing my trip to Spain and I started to investigate a little with the intention of doing “The Right Trip” … I did not succeed, it was there when a friend recommended me to an acquaintance of mine who was starting an Adventure Tourism company in Andalusia: it was your trust, why not consult ?.

Spainventure El Viaje de Turismo de Aventuras de Manuel

Since the first contact SPAINVENTURE generated me confidence, being very close and explaining each of the activities and services they offered me; That was when I was convinced to make a journey quite different from what I imagined.

He offered me “Adventure, Adrenaline and Fun”, and left me speechless: you would never imagine that kind of offer !!. Well, we set to work and according to the profile of the group of “Adventurers”, SPAINVENTURE designed a package of adventures to suit us.

We hired a package of 5 days and 4 nights in the Costa del Sol of Andalusia: our hotel would be in Fuengirola, Province of Malaga, and we proposed to make 4 days of Adventure Tourism; Departing very early in the morning from the hotel and returning at the end of the afternoon.

Spainventure espetos-de-sardinas en el Mediterráneo

The contracted services consisted of 4 activities of Adventure Tourism and Traditional Tourism, including the transfers to each of the places, with a coordinator of SPAINVENTURE that would be at all times accompany us and being at our disposal all day.

SPAINVENTURE, fifteen days before our arrival at Malaga airport, sent us an email of tourist information, points of interest, and a small historical overview of each of the places we would visit on our Adventure Tour. It was a very interesting detail, since before we left, and after reading that information, we “knew” where we were going to enjoy our Adventure Tourism in Andalusia.

The service that we contracted with SPAINVENTURE included the pick up at the airport, and really that facilitated a lot and we would quite relax from the first moment on our arrival. And our Adventure started !!!.
In following posts I will tell you our Adventure Tourism Tour in Andalusia. It’s super fun and with lots of adrenaline, we’ll see you soon.

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