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In a modern Jeep 4×4, opened  toped with comfortable seats to realy enjoy  this trip, of adventure from the interior of Andalusia.

You will discover the deepest Andalusia in a complete day of Adventure and Adrenaline; we will visit the charming «White Villages», passing along different roads, mixing traditional roads and of road 4×4, using the trails of the  farm tractors,  seeing this way a part of this wonderful Andalusian landscape.

With winding country roads through forested ancient lands, with Almond & Olive groves, Orange and Lemon trees fill the landscape, you can enjoy the flora & fauna soley of this area.

Your sensations will be incredible when you cross this land for the first time and will admire the wondeful breathtaking landscapes like a dream, you will remain captivated with the contrast of colours and the » White Villages» suspended  in the mountains.

During the whole tour with stops to take photos of these beautiful landscapes. The experienced guides on this adventure will be telling you each and every one of the things that should be about the tour.

Taking this opportunity of the tour, and the  desire that the areas beauty has given you, we will now stop to have lunch in a traditional Venta of the White Village, where we will be able to taste of  dishes and typical drinks famous of the area we will know and enjoy this rich culture.

You cannot stop realizing this exciting adventure, beautiful environment and innumerable sensations.


  • Trip starts 9AM (according to the season).
  • Duration of the trip: the Whole day approximately.
  • Duration of Flight: 1 Hour approximately.
  • Followed by Lunch at a traditional Venta with local specilaties (Included).